The New Chapel

The Whistler Skiers Chapel will be a place of peace and contemplation. It will be a place of celebration. It will be our community space in the mountains.

The Whistler Skiers Chapel Exterior Rendering

Inspired by the original Whistler Skiers Chapel, the new Chapel will be a place where people of different faiths, or no religious tradition at all, can share in dialogue, celebration, and education.

It will be a place where people of various perspectives come together, or where individuals can pause, to breathe and to heal. It will be a place that contributes significantly to the rich diversity that is Whistler, BC.

The Chapel will welcome those who identify with their religious beliefs, those who are “spiritual but not religious,” and those who want no affiliation at all. The Chapel will be a place where visitors can connect, create community, join together in fun and service, learn about the faith of others, deepen their own faith, and explore their own values and identity.

Upon completion, the new Chapel will be owned and operated by the Whistler Interfaith Society and will provide a home for Whistler weddings, memorials, education and celebrations. This new majestic site will be open to everyone of all faiths at any time – even providing a quiet sanctuary for contemplation in its exquisite mountainside setting.


The Whistler Skiers Chapel interior Rendering

*Note that all renderings are in initial design stages


The new Chapel, designed by award winning Hemsworth Architecture is a stunning and contemporary interpretation of a traditional place of worship. It has been designed to accentuate its natural mountain side setting. Conceived as two intersecting wooden boxes, the main ‘box’ or gathering space is flooded with natural light, with expansive windows and a stunning view to the valley below. A clerestory window, facing east, has been positioned to balance the daylight in the room and create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

The second ‘box’ is a quiet space that transitions visitors from the wonder of Whistler Mountain outside to a more reflective and contemplative experience within the Chapel. This entry space also houses the ancillary program that supports the daily functions of the Chapel.

Incorporated into the interior will be the stunning stain glass windows from the original Chapel, designed by artist Don Babcock, which have been carefully stored by the Whistler Museum and Archives. The result is a unique building that is fully integrated into its breathtaking surroundings, while offering a new and contemporary interpretation of a traditional place of worship.